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June 02 2015

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The Angelic Host

(It seems I titled this wrong originally, it is in fact called “The Angelic Host”, not “The Heavenly Host”. I’ve made the change on my post)

Model: rhienium

Muah: thebirdbones

AMAZING mask: phillipvaldez

Gorgeous bustle coat: kambriel

This mask is one I’ve been badgering my husband about making for a while now. His work will be on exhibit in the Netherlands this summer at the CODA Museum for Paper Art 2015. So exciting! He needed one more piece to send them, so I finally got my mask!

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Here they are, all together.. It’s Hat Hut Films!!

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it’s good to know that renaissance cats were just as fucked up as renaissance babies


Actually! This isn’t renaissance! These are all by Fernando Botero, who is still alive. This is. Just how he draws. He is also the artist who painted Snart

here’s some of his other stuff


so he’s the snartist


I was just saying “oh gosh. oh NO. OH NO. oh GOSH. OH NO.” while scrolling through this. this is amazing. i. well. he’s doing him, and that’s whats important.

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